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Operations Manual out of the BOX for EASA Part-SPO operator.

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For all your needs in the Aerial Work, we have the background and experience to assist your company succeed. Think fleet and equipment, permission, AWC, OPS or fly permit but also ground and airborne crew and staff as well as for administrative services, give us a call, we have a solution that will save your company time and money.

Aerial Work Strategy Photo, lidar, survey
Fly Permit Line, film, landscape
Crew and Staff Ground and airborne

Latest news:

April 21, 2017
EASA Part-SPO operator, get your Operations Manual OM with MEL and TL - DDL out of the box, interested get in touch.
Feb. 12, 2014
Payrolling for aerial work crew and staff implemented, we can supply ground and airborne crew and staff worldwide.
Sept. 1, 2013
Assistance for prompt delevery of your fly permit for photography and survey mission within Europe, Middle East and Africa.